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The Anglican Diocese is there to welcome people who wish to live God’s promises. Whether they are in need of help, or wish to provide help, Anglicans ideally follow a distinctive pattern in which the gift of God in Jesus Christ is, by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, embodied in worship, wisdom and service in an historical continuity of contextually sensitive mission

Wollaston College Site

The Wollaston Theological College website was developed to appeal to potential students and to also have the functionality of a student learning aspect through a Moodle educational login portal


Anglican Parish Sites

A base website was designed and programmed so that it could be used across 50 Anglican Parishes – each one containing its own logo and its own particular content, but with a consistent visual brand that ensured the Parishes were all part of the Anglican family brand

Archbishop of Perth

A website that could be updated through a user friendly content management system (CMS) when there was either a change in the person, their role, or new information needed to be imparted to Anglicans was a prime consideration in the design and development of a modern and engaging site


Be Engaging

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