What to do before you hire your website designer

You’re in the market for a new website, or a website makeover/overhaul.

What should you know before you begin the process of design & development, or outsourcing a company to build your website for you?

1. Website Requirements

Write down the list of design requirements and a separate list for functionality requirements your new website has.

Design requirements will be things like:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Existing websites you like the look and feel of
  • How you’d like the navigation menus to look like
  • If you need specialised landing pages designed (to send your ad clicks to)

Functionality requirements will be things like:

  • An e-commerce & shopping cart system
  • Multiple contact forms
  • Multi-author editing
  • Website owners can easily create photo galleries
  • Website owners can create complex page layouts
  • Website owners can edit SEO meta information
  • Website owners can create blog posts

2. Website Platform

Once you know your requirements, it’s time to look at what website platform should be used.

Platform Managed Hosting Self Hosting Editor Complex Layouts Ease of Setup Ease of Use Developer Required?
Drupal   Yes built-in Yes Difficult Medium Yes
Ghost   Yes built-in No Easy Easy Yes
Joomla   Yes built-in Yes Medium Medium Yes
Magento   Yes built-in Yes Difficult Medium Yes
Shopify Yes   built-in Yes Medium Medium No
Squarespace Yes   built-in Yes Medium Medium No
Static HTML   Yes your choice Yes Easy Medium Yes
Wix Yes   built-in Yes Easy Easy No
Weebly Yes   built-in Yes Easy Easy No
WordPress.org   Yes built-in Yes Easy Easy No
WordPress.com Yes   built-in Yes Easy Easy No

3. Map out your Content

Writing for the web is very different. You need to map out what content will be needed, and what your audience will be looking for in the future.

A good tool to use for keyword research is UberSuggest.

4. Build

If your website platform does not require a developer, you can begin signing up for hosting for self-hosted platforms, or sign up @ the managed hosting platform.

If your website does require a developer, a great market place to find good quality reasonably priced developers is Upwork.

5. Need Support or Troubleshooting?

Insight Digital has 25 years experience in website development, and can normally handle your website issues.

If you’d like some support, simply contact us below.


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