Speedup Your WordPress Site

Improve your Google rankings too

We can help increase the speed of your WordPress website.

We can improve your website’s loading time, which will enhance your Google page speed score. Google assigns a speed score to each page of your website in relation to how quickly or how slowly that page loads. We will be sure to optimise your WordPress website, so that pages will load faster, which will result in the waiting time for your potential customer to be greatly reduced. This also has the added benefit of providing you with an increase in your conversions and may also improve your SEO results.

We are a Subiaco-based design company with 25 years of experience in digital design.

You need this if you’re interested in less bounces away from your website by website visitors. A faster website means there is less chance a website visitor will become impatient and leave. You also need this if you’re interested in improving your search engine rankings, as page speed is a ranking factor for Google.

Expect results within 2 days.

Your search engine rankings will improve, your visitors are more likely to stay and read your page, and there’ll be an improvement in your website conversions and goals.

We’re so confident in our Speedup Your WordPress Site service that if you don’t find it to be amazing, if you’re not 100% satisfied, then we’ll gladly refund you.

Bonus: Search Engine Optimisation – as an added bonus we will include keyword research to find what your target market is searching for and include these keywords in the most important parts of your website.

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One Time Cost:

  • Premium Cache Plugin
  • Resource GZIP Compression
  • Browser Caching
  • Database Optimisation & Cleanup
  • Complete Image Optimisation
  • Speed Optimisation Report

What’s required from you:

  • WordPress Login.
  • Content Delivery Network logins (if any)
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