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Commu n i c a t i on P l a n s

Po s i t i on i ng S t a t eme n t s

B r a nd I de n t i t i e s

L ogo s

S t y l e Gu i de s

S t a t i on e r y

B r a nd Imag i ng

Strategically positioning your organisation within its marketplace with an effective brand image is


It is the way people perceive the organisation’s personality that sets it apart. Creating that personality

with a brand image that projects key attributes will position the organisation in peoples’ minds.

To get the positioning right, a communication plan that identifies both the ideal image and armoury of

communication tools is required. The plan sets the aim, frequency and level of fire-power for the tools

selected from the armoury - each one designed with a powerful visual image to reach its target audience.

S e r v i c e s