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Web s i t e s

Con t e n t Ma n ageme n t S y s t ems ( CMS )

S e a rc h Eng i n e Op t i m i s a t i on

Web s i t e s

Today people want to be able to easily navigate through a website to gain access to a vast range of

information on an organisation’s people, projects, products and services.

However, if the website doesn’t appeal to people who are visiting a website for the first time they will,

invariably, not proceed further than a few clicks. Therefore, the website must be able to capture their

interest through the site’s dynamic visual presentation and communicate the benefits the organisation

has to offer at first glance.

Its content must also be relevant and therefore, capable of being easily updated.

To ensure the website is found first, ahead of intense competition, it must be optimised for popular

search engines.

S e r v i c e s