Let’s imagine you have a thriving business, centred around a brick and mortar retail store in Osborne Park, Western Australia.

You may advertise your business on television, radio, and in newspapers.

Perhaps there is a detail about your business a potential customer does not pick up from your advertising.

How does your potential customer discover the missing details about your business?

One method would be to give you a call.

What if they didn’t write down your phone number? They may of heard your advert on radio while driving their car. What do they do then?

In most cases, your prospective customer will perform a search on a search engine like Google or Bing for your business name.

If you don’t have a website, your business is at the mercy of 3rd party sources of information about your business. You may not have any control over this information. Even if you did have control over the information, you probably don’t have the ability to present all the most ideal information you’d like.

Having your own business website allows you to present all the information, media, photos, videos, PDFs etc. relevant to your products, services, customer service contact details, store address, warranties and policies. You can also include lead capture forms which send an automatic email to your sales consultants, or an interactive map which people can use to receive directions to your store.

If you have an analytics platform collecting website visitor statistics, you can even see what keywords people use to search for your company. You may discover people are searching for a product you don’t yet offer. This delivers an opportunity to start selling this product to a willing audience.

Owning a website is also usually much less expensive than offline advertising, making it a cost effective marketing platform.

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