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The 4 Pillars of Communication Effectiveness

Insight’s ROI Approach is designed to deliver Communication Effectiveness. Effectiveness only occurs when the 4 Pillars of Communication Effectiveness are in balance with each other. The diagram illustrates these 4 Pillars. Insight’s ROI Approach takes into consideration the key issues that underlie each one of the 4 Pillars. These ‘key issues’ are outlined in more detail below.

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Pillar 1 – Detailed Volume Targets

The communication effectiveness issues are:

  • How many enquiries must be generated?
  • What prices are our clients willing to pay for our range?
  • How frequently will our clients buy?
  • How much volume will be generated from each business source?
  • How much will be bought from each part of the distribution channel?
  • How much volume comes from new clients?

Pillar 2 – Target Market Segments

The communication effectiveness issues are:

  • What are the characteristics of the people who will buy our goods or services?
  • From whom can our target clients buy?
  • What are our target clients going to buy?
  • For what purpose are our target clients buying?
  • What benefits are our target clients seeking?
  • From where will our target clients buy?
  • How ready are our target clients to buy?
  • Can our clients be induced to speed up their purchasing process?
  • What are the best sources of business?
  • What is the ideal brand image which we must project to our market segments?
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Pillar 3 – Expressing the Point of Difference

The communication effectiveness issues are:

  • Does the message clearly state the target markets’ problems and the benefits our solutions deliver?
  • Does the communication show how we do business differently from our competitors?
  • Do our points of sale really deliver our promised differences?
  • Does our communication project the quality of tone and image that appeals to our target markets
  • Does the media selected match our target markets’ media usage habits?
  • Does the media selected exploit the differences between us and our competitors’ communication mixes?
  • How well does our communication grab, hold and maintain attention?
  • Is our message believable, with inherent credibility?
  • How well does the message convince and lead our customers to buy?
  • Does the communication arouse a positive emotional response in itself?
  • Can our target clients identify themselves, from the communication, as the person to whom we are talking?

Pillar 4 – Efficient Allocation of Communication Effort

The communication effectiveness issues are:

  • What measures are we using to optimise the communication mix?
  • What reach and frequency must we have to achieve our enquiries target?
  • How should we determine the most effective level of communication expenditure?
  • How much expenditure must we allocate to maintain current business, to increase business from existing clients and to attract new clients?
  • How much business will this year’s expenditure bring in next year?
  • What are our most efficient purchase policies and procedures for media and promotional material?
  • Are we breaking through the competitive noise level?
  • How well do we deliver our promises?
  • How well do we monitor the information required to fine tune our communication effectiveness?
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