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Woodside Energy is an Australian oil and gas company with a global presence, recognised for its world-class capabilities – as an explorer, developer and producer


Rebranding Woodside Energy required an integrated approach to ensure the brand positioning was not only unique but carried a clear message about the company and its key attributes.

This approach was then uniformly and consistently applied across the – website, movies, exhibitions, annual and sustainability reports, newsletters, brochures, banners and employee & recruitment communications.

A single brand with a clear voice.


Insight has designed and produced exhibitions for Woodside in many places around the globe including – Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Seoul, Tokyo, Doha. The exhibitions are designed to get people to come to the show in the first place and then, to tell others about their amazing experience. The exhibition ties together animated movies, 3D models, exhibition structures and display panels, merchandise giveaways and information brochures.

It must be designed to attract attention and then deliver the information in a stimulating and interactive way through the appeal of the – brand, digital approach, publications and display panels.

Be Engaging

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