20 years ago, we would have never imagined that the power of a mobile phone today would have enough processing power to send man to the moon and back, so what will the next 20 years look like and how will we interact with this new world? As we currently stand, humanity is on a tipping point in terms of technological innovation. There are three main key drivers could help us understand how we can potentially deal with future communication issues that could arise from a globally connected world.

How do we process more data faster?

With Google’s announcement in making a breakthrough in quantum computing earlier this year, could see us on the cusp of viable quantum computer as well as exponential increase in how we process our ever-increasing need for more data as well as potentially helping answer some of the world’s biggest problems.

What devices & peripherals will we use?

The way that we can potentially interact with this new digital space could also be profoundly different than we could ever imagine. There been a lot of interest this year in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) this year with Oculus releasing its commercial version of their VR headset and HoloLens Microsoft’s attempt to merge both the digital landscape with our own reality. This could change how we choose to view the world in our everyday lives. This can lead to a convergence in how we interact with eh digital space in the internet of things.

How will we interact it?

With all that said having an intelligent system means nothing you can’t interact with it intuitively. Given the wealth of information this is no easy task, however, it is a natural progression. We have to reassess how perceive information right down the fundamentals for what design really is. This is exciting times in the creative sector as it is a brand new area of interactivity shifting from a two dimensional space to a three dimensional space and what might this entail in the future.

In hindsight, we face a new frontier in innovation that drives us forward. In terms of communication, understanding how we process more data quicker, what sort of devices and peripherals will we use and most importantly how we will interact with it will set the pace. Although the future is uncertain, however it is for certain that the next 20 years will be game changing.

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