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WATC – Website

Financial services provider WATC required a website that was designed to portray a professional image for lending and investing.

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Wellard – Corporate Profile

A corporate profile was designed to present a company that you could rely on to deliver quality livestock throughout the world.

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Atlas – Rebranding

A stylish brand image that drew together Atlas Iron’s key attributes was designed to build its brand in a difficult market.

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Strategically positioning your organisation or product within its marketplace with an effective brand image is critical.

It is the way people perceive the brand’s personality that sets it apart. Creating the personality with a brand image that projects key attributes will position the brand in people’s minds. To get the positioning right, a communication plan that identifies both the ideal image and armoury of communication tools is required. The plan sets the aim, frequency and level of fire-power for the tools selected from the armoury – each one designed with a powerful visual brand image to reach its target audience.

Whether you are branding your organisation for employment campaigns aimed at recruitment and retention of people, investor relations to raise capital, or sell products to increase revenue – Insight can increase your effectiveness.

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Today people want to be able to easily navigate through a website to gain access to a vast range of information on an organisation’s people, projects, products and services.

However, if the website doesn’t appeal to people who are visiting a website for the first time they will, invariably, not proceed further than a few clicks. Therefore, the website must be able to capture their interest through the site’s dynamic visual presentation and communicate the benefits on offer at first glance. Its content must also be relevant and therefore, capable of being easily updated. To ensure the website is found first, ahead of intense competition, it must be optimised for popular search engines. The use of online marketing, web banner advertising, automated email subscription systems and contact forms, links to popular and social media sites, can all integrate together to result in a powerful online presence for your brand.

Insight’s approach to enhance your web presence is shown in the diagram.

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Web Diagram


  • Websites – Corporate, Intranet, Extranet

  • Websites – Investor Relations

  • Websites – Recruitment, Careers

  • Websites – Retail & Wholesale Products

  • Websites – Special Events

  • Website Design & Programming

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Website Speed Optimisation (WSO)

    • Website caching

    • Browser caching

    • Website resource compression

    • Image compression

    • Website Host recommendation

  • Website Maintenance

    • Software updates

    • Website security

    • Website backups

    • Website restores

    • Content updates

  • Website Analytics

    • Visitor numbers

    • Visitor locations

    • Visitor behaviour

    • Conversion rates

    • Month to month changes

    • Top web pages

    • Search terms driving traffic

    • Search engine ranking reports



Corporate Reports

Insight can help you to build long lasting relationships with investors and shareholders, employees, clients, and community groups with information that increases investment, performance and understanding through enhanced awareness.

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Corporate Reports Services

  • Annual Reports

  • Prospectuses

  • Bidder & Target Statements

  • Scheme Booklets

  • Sustainability Reports

  • EIS Statements

  • Industry Reviews

  • Staff Reports

  • Strategic Plans



Exhibitions & Displays

A powerful experience is created with innovative exhibitions and displays

When someone visits an exhibition, the quality of their experience depends on how they interpret their surroundings. Therefore, the way the exhibition is structured to provide that experience will have an enormous bearing on whether people perceive the visit was worth it. The success of any interpretive display relies on the ability of the communication and design components to work together with the technology, themes and storylines to present the display’s visual personality.

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Exhibition & Display Services

  • Exhibitions

  • Trade Shows

  • Displays

  • Visitor Centres

  • Interior Office – Window & Wall Graphics

  • Museums

  • Banners & Posters

  • Christmas Decorations



Movies & 3D

When there is an event or subject that people should be more aware of, there is an opportunity to communicate in a way that involves your audience – via a dynamic multimedia presentation. Making a multimedia presentation, that the audience actually remembers, is clearly an art form. An effectively designed presentation can reinforce positive perceptions, reverse negative perceptions and attitudes, and increase the level of awareness. In fact, people retain up to 80% of what they see and hear if they are involved simultaneously. That’s 60% more effective than just seeing or hearing the message on its own.

An animated movie or 3D graphic presentation adds that bit extra – leading to far greater audience impact and appeal.

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Movie & 3D Services

  • Video Production

  • Animated & Movie Effects

  • Corporate Presentations

  • Powerpoint Presentations

  • Product Launches

  • Exhibition Interactives

  • Client or Staff Presentations

  • Training Modules

  • 3D Graphics & Animation



Brochures & Newsletters

Insight’s printed communication material, such as brochures, newsletters, magazines and catalogues, will influence your clients to seek you out and help you to build stronger relationships with them.

An essential part of the communication mix, the power of print should not be under-estimated. The reader is influenced by the enormous visual appeal that printed communications can provide, through their ability to influence two of our senses – touch and sight. With their strong visual appeal through the use of imagery, paper, shape and finishes, and their ability to be quickly flipped through and read more than one page at a time, they offer a very strong weapon within your armoury of communication tools.

They can also be passed on, or left on a coffee table for others to read – thus increasing the potential for your message to reach a larger target audience.

On-line technology can also be used to take the printed communication material and adapt it to the web environment to enable on-line audiences to flip through pages electronically.

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Brochure & Newsletter Services

  • Information kits

  • Posters

  • Calendars

  • Product brochures

  • Corporate profiles

  • Newsletters

  • Catalogues

  • Magazines

  • Christmas cards

  • Menus

  • Invitations

  • Certificates

  • Flyers

  • Direct mail



Woodside building signage Perth


Initial impressions are important. Signage that is informative and creates impact after only a quick glance gives a perception of the organisation right from the start. By taking a considered approach to the type and quality of finish and the area’s potential for increasing its visual impact through signage, people dealing with the organisation at a personal level will become amazed by the aura of their surroundings.

The effect – a strong message reinforced by the impact of a coordinated communication and design approach.

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Signage Services

  • Exterior and Interior Signs

  • Interior Office – Window & Wall Graphics

  • Office Reception Areas

  • Shopping Centre Signage

  • Interpretive Signage

  • Entry Statements

  • Directional Signage

  • Facilities Signage

  • Street & Parking Signage

  • Signage Style Manuals

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Product Packaging

Developing effective product packaging requires a design concept that creates visual presence and strong individuality. Consumers are faced daily with a barrage of advertisements which are reinforced in store through eye catching displays and subtle merchandising techniques. And the struggle to gain retail space for your products in successful establishments can be difficult. Breaking through with product packaging that appeals to your target audience, has a high level of impact, and differentiates you from the rest is the only solution.

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Product Packaging Services

  • Labels – wine, beer, soft drinks, cosmetics, food, industrial

  • Containers – bottles, boxes, cans, PET

  • Corporate Gifts

product packaging Perth product packaging Perth
Brookland Valley Margaret River product packaging Perth




Advertising that explodes through the surrounding noise and influences your audience to buy your merchandise or services, ahead of your competition, will give you the best return on investment. Creative advertising will lead to greater market share and assist a brand to optimise its market position. However, if the reach and frequency of your advertising effort aren’t integrated with the characteristics of the market, even the most appealing ads can fail. Insight can assist you to gain more impact from your advertising.

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  • Advertising Planning

  • Campaign Development

  • Media Plans

  • On-line Advertising

  • Recruitment Advertising

  • Press and Magazine Advertising

  • Billboards

  • Bus and Taxi Advertising

  • Merchandise Catalogues

  • Travel Catalogues

  • Point of Sale

Insight made it so easy. The process was a breeze, from providing excellent design concepts to executing final amendments on a tight timeframe. The team at Insight were always available when needed.

Ryan Steenkam
Analyst/Leasing Administrator

Insight Design have worked with Iluka on a number of design projects from websites, annual reports to internal communications and strategic communications planning. Their expertise in the entire design process from identifying the needs of the client, establishing audiences and creating a style that works for the organisation is first class.

Leigh Nastasi Adviser
Corporate Affairs
Iluka Resources Limited

Insight Communication and Design are a passionate and talented team of designers and developers who work closely with us to achieve outstanding results. They recently produced a creative and engaging new website design for our company, and they continue to amaze us with their fresh ideas and innovative designs for our posters and marketing material. We love working with them and highly recommend them.

Karen Ridley
Office Manager
Battery Minerals

Insight Communication and Design are a passionate and talented team of designers and developers who work closely with us to achieve outstanding results. They recently produced a creative and engaging new website design for our company, and they continue to amaze us with their fresh ideas and innovative designs for our posters and marketing material. We love working with them and highly recommend them.

Karen Ridley
Office Manager
Battery Minerals

Since we moved to Insight for our corporate marketing and annual report production we have been nothing but impressed. The team at Insight are professional, creative and responsive and have produced excellent results for MMA Offshore. From the quality of the conceptual designs through to their efficient, timely and cost efficient project execution we would not hesitate in recommending Insight

Liz Buckey
General Manager - Corporate Development
MMA Offshore Limited

Insight Communication & Design completed the design and production of Independence Group NL’s annual and sustainability reports a number of years. They provided a great service both in terms of design and responsive to changing demands. I would be more than happy to recommend Insight Communication & Design to others.

Keith Ashby
Head of SHEQ & Risk
Independence Group NL

Insight Design provided Galileo with a great selection of design ideas and content for our web page, prospectus and marketing material. They were professional in all aspects of their work and most importantly, particularly for a company going through an IPO, they met all deadlines given to them. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Insight for any further work or in recommending them to other companies requiring design work to be completed

Brad Underwood
Managing Director
Galileo Mining

Georgiou Group has worked with Insight Communications and Design for close to five years. Richard and his team have enabled Georgiou to deliver high-quality annual reviews, compelling websites and branding options for signage, corporate documentation and tenders. Insight is now delivering the maintenance of our four separate websites and is always on hand to offer support and guidance, ensuring our brand is never compromised.

Alisha Carter
Communications Manager