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Georgiou Group is a large, privately held, building and civil engineering and construction company with a dedicated group of people that take enormous pride in their uncompromising approach to reliably deliver quality projects throughout Australia

Group Website

The Georgiou Group website was designed with a visual look that is both striking and yet different to the norm in order to reflect a key characteristic – innovation.

This innovative style was carried throughout the range of communication material and into other websites that form part of the Group – Georgiou Developments and Georgiou Capital.

Developments Website

The new website for Georgiou Developments is an entree into the vast array of lifestyle apartment developments that are built in a way that reflects the sort of quality only other builders strive for – such as The Pocket in Claremont.

Annual Review

The visual brand for Georgiou was completely revamped and applied to its Annual Review, websites and internal documents. The Annual Review was designed in such a way that it could work as a website, as a digital publication and it could also go to print if required.

The Annual Review provides a visual overview of the work carried out during the year and uses infographics specially developed to highlight key performance information.

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