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Exterior & Interior Signs

Initial impressions are important.

Signage that is informative and creates impact after only a quick glance gives a perception of the organisation right from the start. By taking a considered approach to the type and quality of finish and the area’s potential for increasing its visual impact through signage, people dealing with the organisation at a personal level will become amazed by the aura of their surroundings.

The effect – a strong message reinforced by the impact of a coordinated communication and design approach.

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  • Building Signage

  • Sky Signs

  • Reception Areas

  • Shopping Centres

  • Directional Signage

  • Street & Parking Signage

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Interior Office Graphics

The interior of your office needs to look modern and comfortable – if both your clients and staff are to feel that the organisation’s working environment meets their perception of the business and the professional capability of its people.

Interior office wall graphics can help your brand image to be seen as professional and to also provide the desired level of privacy in meeting areas. Amazing feature walls which show off your product, services, projects or capabilities can really capture people’s attention .

A well designed space with signage which adds that ‘bit extra’ – leads to far greater audience impact and appeal.

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  • Window Graphics

  • Wall Graphics

  • Feature Walls

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Reception Graphics

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Interpretive Signage

Visitors coming to see and learn more about the facts and history surrounding a particular tourist destination will be influenced to tell others about their experience if the displays are presented in a way that is visually interesting.

The power of interpretive displays and clearly marked directional signage should not be under-estimated. They are an essential ingredient in your ability to impart information that will be remembered. Visitors will be positively influenced by the enormous visual appeal that these branded communications can provide through the use of amazing imagery and clever recognition devices. If they are well presented to your audience, and impart a consistent message across the array of all the information that is available, this will ensure their visit is worthwhile.

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  • Visitor & discovery centres

  • Eco & heritage museums

  • Interpretive displays

  • Entry statements

  • Directional signage

  • Facilities signage

  • Walk-trail signage

  • Wayfinding signage

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Signage Style Manuals

By developing a style guide to control the design and production of signage across your range of signage applications, there will be both uniformity and consistency in the way your brand is presented via your signage to its target audience.

The greater the level of consistency in the way your brand and information is presented across signage, the less people will be confused – which can be the result of seeing mixed messages projected through an erratically presented visual image and a hierarchy of information that is not perceived as professional and logical.

A strong and consistent signage style will lead to increased brand awareness, an enhanced reputation, and a greater ROI for the same level of expenditure on poor signage.

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  • Signage visual style

  • Production specs

  • Wayfinding systems

  • Colour coding

  • Signage grid system

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